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Review of Bistro MD Diet

If you are looking to lose some weight and have taken a keen interest in the convenience of diet food delivery companies such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, it is well worth knowing there is a great alternative from a smaller company that has some advantages over its larger and longer established rivals.

Bistro MD is able to compete with the bigger diet companies on the strength of the higher quality of the meals that it sends out to its customers. This article will take a look at this company and reviews its diet meals to see how much better they are than the others and if the price is justified.

A Diet with a Difference

The first thing that will strike you as being different from the rest is that Bistro MD provides only fresh frozen meals that are prepared by their own gourmet chefs in-house upon receiving the customer's order and then sent out in batches of either five or seven days at a time. This means you only have to order a week in advance and you can customize your order to suit your personal preferences as well as any medical, dietary or religious needs.

The other great thing about this rather simple diet is that you do not have to lock yourself into an auto delivery system that keeps sending out meal packages until you physically cancel, as you do with a program like Nutrisystem for example.

Quality Meals

But the main advantage of this system is the quality of the food itself. This is what their reputation is based upon and while you will have to pay more for the food, you do get stuff that you can actually eat!

That is not to say that the food from rival companies is bad, but some people find that eating processed meals is not for them and prefer fresh cooked meals that are as close to the ones you make at home as possible. Bistro MD does this very well and only a small amount of quality is lost in the process of freezing and then having to re-heat the meals. Those meals are far superior to processed or freeze dried ingredients, for sure.

There are no set plans that cater for specific groups as you get with some other companies. Instead you simply choose the meals you want to eat from their very comprehensive menu and if you need any special things added or taken away, they can cater for your needs.

This is a very customizable menu and one that many people are happy to spend the extra dollars on to get. The meals are low in calories, balanced and high in nutritious value.

Eating Choices

You can choose from four set delivery packs, which are:

The rest you customize as you prefer. The snacks are simple low calorie energy bars similar to what you get from other diet meal delivery companies. You can get the most up to date prices from the company website and there are often discount coupons available to get money off your first week's order.

If you would like to know more about Bistro MD and how it can help you to lose weight easily, there is a particularly good review article here: http://weightlossgo.com/diet/bistro-md-reviews/ that can provide more information to help you decide if it is the right weight loss diet for you.