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How Do You Lose Weight by Dieting?

Probably one of the main ways in which people lose weight is by dieting and there are several good types of diet that can bring dieters varying degrees of success.

Some diets are better than others for the people that are on them.

However, just as people are different in their needs, circumstances and lifestyle choices, so different diets will work differently to the person doing them. But taking a generic look at diets as a whole, we can take a look at how the mechanics of losing weight with them actually works.

Calorie Restriction

The first thing you need to know about the whole idea behind a diet is that you are working to restrict your calorie intake, or the amount of energy your body receives from the food and drinks you consume. For anyone who is overweight, you can fairly safely say that they got that way because they were consuming more calories than their bodies burned through their metabolism.

Now, not everyone has a metabolism that works at the same rate. Some are faster than others and can cope better with higher levels of energy than those with slower metabolisms who take more time to process the food they consume.


So the first order of the day is to work out what your personal metabolic rate is, which is something a medical professional can discover for you. Once you know at what rate your body burns calories for a variety of actions from remaining motionless right up to doing a full cardio workout, then you can work out a diet and a calorie limit for each day of the diet.

That limit will be lower than your body is burning calories on an average day and you can regulate this by doing more exercise, or switching to foods that force the body to metabolize its food faster. Of the two optrions, exercise is the best for the long term because it also helps increase your muscle mass and strength, which in turn increase your metabolism naturally.

What Are You Consuming?

Then you need to look at the kind of foods that you eating and also what you are drinking. It would be pretty pointless to try and restrict your calorie intake if all those calories were coming from junk food, high Glycemic Index carbohydrates or nutritionless snacks.

Your body needs nutrition to maintain normal functioning, so you should make your diet rich in natural foods including fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, high fiber foods and unsaturated fats. You should also cut out soda and other sugary drinks in favor of plain water.

These measures will alter your dietary intake to such an extent that you will naturally lose weight in a controlled and safe way. You should expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds per week on a healthy calorie restrictive yet fairly simple diet at which pace you should be able to maintain a healthy weight even after attaining your weight loss goal as long as you don't revert to a bad diet of junk food and soda.